In the modern day and age, we see the business of child care centres booming because a lot of parents are taking on the responsibility of raising a family as well as being working professionals. Since there’s so many choices around, it’s important that you know that the child care perth centre you’re choosing is the right one for you. Here are 5 tips on how you can assess your child care centre;

Drop In On Them

Try to drop in on them unannounced and see how they operate without being fully aware that a parent is present. Sometimes people tend to behave differently if they realize that they’re being analyzed so it couldn’t hurt to spy a little before you actually send your little one to the care centre. It’s important that you feel safe and satisfied with the services of the child care centre with or without you present there.


It’s imperative that you research and do a background check on the child care center that you’re considering for your child before you actually pick them. Check on the reviews and see what the other parents have to say about them. Ask whether the other parents are happy with the facility and do they feel safe leaving their child there or not. It’s very important to do your own research but also take advantage of other people’s experiences especially in the matter of child safety.

Meet The Caregiver

Before you select a child care centre, you should definitely meet the caregiver that’s going to be responsible for looking after your child for a few hours a day. Try to analyze whether they’re the right fit for your family or whether you would trust your child with the person you’re meeting. It’s very important that you do a vibe-check and are completely confident that the person taking care of your child is capable and trustworthy.

Go With Your Gut

Listen to and trust what your gut is telling you. If all seems okay on paper but you’re still not getting a good feeling about the child care centre you’re selecting, chances are you’re right. Always trust your instinct in matters of child safety because when it comes to children, parents can be highly intuitive. Only select a child care centre if you’re completely confident and satisfied with all aspects of their services.

Notice The Child-Caregiver Relationship

When you’re in the process of making the decision, notice how your child interacts with the care-giver and vice versa. Children need focused attention when in the developing stage and they need a presence who can give that to them in a kind, warm and encouraging way. Notice if your child responds positively to the caregiver and if the caregiver provides a positive environment and has the qualities that are essential to the wholesome growth of your child.