In order to achieve in ISO certification all companies have to go through a gap analysis and an audit. In order to improve efficiency it makes sense to go with the certification body which would be able to provide you with consultation on implementing system and provide suggestions for improvements on certification documents. There are certain companies that choose to have the management system design and audited by the same third party which is known as a confirmatory assessment body. This is usually registered with the IAF.

A company can choose to purchase a management system template through the ISO templates so that they can engage a consultant who would manage the process on their behalf. Once the audit is complete the conformity assessment body will issue a registered certificate for the specific ISO standards.

Document review and audit for ISO certification

The purpose of the review is to evaluate all the documentation for the management system. This would include documents containing policies processes the review records and the scope and context along with the system implementation. Then comes the audit. This is the final step of the certification process in order to achieve your certification the auditors will first verify whether the documented requirements of the sender are implemented throughout your business policies. They will visit your office and the premises plus they would also discuss things with relevant individuals in your organization.

An audit is done to verify that your business is working according to the documentation which says what you do and how you work. The auditor assesses the management system and verify whether it is being implemented. If everything is according to the documentation you would be issued a certificate. The certificate has the name of the standard that the organization is certified with along with the expiry date.

The benefits of an ISO certification

The ISO certification can help your business compete effectively with its contemporaries. It also opens up the possibilities of partnering with government organizations or bigger Enterprises. The business improvement which have been implemented because of the certification process have a ripple effect and improve the performance metrics. It is important to have an effective Change management program to communicate with work is how important it is to document all the processes and avoid any sort of shortcuts. Up business needs to have a good version control system in place. This would help keep the workers from going through the necessary references for a job without any difficulty. It is important to maintain the same quality management system until the next audit otherwise you may risk the chance of getting certified.

Maintaining the ISO certification

For the first three, years the certification body, such as Atlas Certification Australia, will conduct a surveillance audit to ensure that the quality management system is in place and is complying with the ISO standards. The surveillance audit after the certification is somewhat shorter and is only involved with auditing some of the sections in a standard. It is essential that all planning is done according to certification.