As for the method of study to be applied, it is up to your ability as a teacher and your experience to understand which is the most effective.

It depends first of all on the type of difficulty encountered by the student : if for example he has problems with abstraction in geometry, you can use material objects to make him “see” things more easily.

If he has memory problems instead, you could prepare some patterns, with graphs and written in large size so that memory is stimulated through the graphic effects.

Passion and reliability
Regardless of which student you are facing, you must never forget one thing: it takes passion. Try to bring out a charisma that leads those who are forced to listen to you to take an interest in what you say, to the point of asking questions on the subject. Show your interest also in his opinions: you are not inside the school, so a break from professionalism to the advantage of some confrontation can only help. If you win the esteem of your students, the job will be much easier and more productive. This approach, however, must be accompanied by a real commitment, so as to be almost a point of reference for the family and the boy. Punctuality and continuity will bring good results to the student, but also to you: if the year-end report is satisfactory, your wallet will also be swollen!

Become a tutor on Repetitions
These tips will have given you some inspiration to give excellent private lessons. In fact, you must not underestimate a very important thing: as university students you have a skill that few can boast of. You are fresh from knowledge and the easiest solution to start making fruitful what you have learned is to have as many students as possible to follow and promote. How to do? If you have tried to post ads on the bulletin boards of supermarkets or gyms, but nothing really works, for you has invented Repetitions, the service that allows you to be contacted for online or live repetitions with a simple click, becoming a Tutor. From your personal agenda published on the platform it will be easy for your potential pupils to book a (or more) lesson with you.