Teaching, even private, is not a game but a mission: one cannot improvise and one must be prepared in order to really help the students. For our Tutors we list below some tips to better perform your role and obtain satisfactory results with your kids.

  1. Start off on the right foot
    Show yourself reliable and safe now: explain your skills, your knowledge and hide your limits.

The first lesson will be important, it is necessary to establish a relationship that is not too rigid with your students, so use it to get to know the people in front of you, understand their tastes and discuss the difficulties, so you can start on the right foot in the next lesson.

Being out of the educational institution, however, you can allow yourself an informal dialogue with the students, face light topics to occasionally break the rhythm; we also advise you to plan breaks, especially if you do more than an hour of work: obviously be careful not to overdo it, otherwise you will lose time and authority. Also leave room for a little chat at the end of the lesson. In this way you will be less boring people and students will also be more encouraged to see you again.

  1. The right price for rehearsal rates
    The thorniest argument is obviously the cost of the repetitions: therefore try to maintain competitive prices – between 8 and 15 euros an hour, depending on your skills and any expenses for reaching the student’s home – without this sell off your job. In the case of students who are not yet permanent, it will be a good idea to get paid from time to time in order not to leave debts or any unpleasant situations.

But nevertheless, if your work is judged to be good and will bring results, customers will be happy to spend, also ending up booking other lessons.

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  1. Collaboration
    Teaching is a cooperative work. As students must be willing to learn, the teacher must also be willing to understand what a boy finds difficult in a given subject , to understand how he can be better helped.

Teaching teenagers can sometimes be very demanding: it can be difficult for them to express what their difficulties are, so doing practical exercises will allow you to understand what their level is and what are the points where you need your support. If you run into an initial reluctance you could overcome the stumbling block through an appeal to your personality – present or past – as a student, so as to empathize with your student.