A child undergoes rapid brain development during the first eight years of their life. Thus, they become influenced by the environment and individuals that surround them. Keeping your child to only family members may not help the child much. However, you can decide to introduce your child to an early learning centre when they are ready to help them develop important aspects.

An early learning centre gives a child the right environment where they can learn new things, make new friends, and even master new skills. In order to assist you to further understand the significance of early learning centres to your child, the following are some of the benefits of taking your kid to an early learning centre.

Benefits of early learning centres

·         Sharpens a child’s curiosity

Early learning centres usually examine children and find out their interests. They then create activities based on the children’s interests in order to nurture their curiosity. Children end up having great and active imaginations which they would not have otherwise mastered while at home.

·         Promotes social development

A child who is attending an early learning centre usually has an easy time making new friends because the centre encourages them to work together and to accomplish tasks in groups. Children are taught how to care for themselves as well as others, and this creates a chain of security among children.

·         Offer many activities

An early learning centre usually offers children many indoor and outdoor activities mainly as games, sports, exercises and group tasks to keep the children busy throughout the day. Such activities teach children crucial lessons in life that will help them throughout their lives.

·         Teaches children organisation skills

A child who attends an early learning centre will have no trouble in organising their things in place because that is one of the major lessons that they are taught in those centres. Most parents blame their children for not organising their stuff at home when they should really blame themselves for not taking their children to early learning centres to master such skills.

·         Promotes languages skills

Children are also encouraged to speak confidently in front of others in early learning centres. Hence, if you have the kind of a child that is shy and has low self-esteem, consider taking them to an early learning centre. They will come around within no time and your house will be filled with joy and laughter from those youngsters.

·         Prepares children for formal education

The early learning centre’s environment is slightly different from a formal school’s environment but it gives the child an insight into what school life is like. Even as the child starts their education, they will not offer much resistance and you will have an easy time taking your child to school. Thus, early learning centres contribute to a smooth transition to school.

The above points will give you the confidence to entrust your kid to Day One Early Learning Centre.

Things to consider before taking a child to an early learning centre

Before you take your child to a given centre, consider the following factors.

  • Location – find out where exactly the centre is located and see if it suits your needs.
  • Cost – find out how much they charge for the kind of service you want. Find a centre that is closer or within your budget to avoid additional expenses.
  • Activities – find out the number of activities they engage in and see if it suits your child.